Travel Essentials

Here is everything I think you need for a perfect trip, no matter where you are going.

1. Away Travel Luggage

This is my favorite bag in the entire world. I saw it everywhere before I finally broke down and bought one and I'm so glad I did. It is the perfect carry-on. It's a splurge but you'll use it forever. The bag is extremely well made, very easy to organize, and even has a phone charger built into the bag! You just plug your phone into the top of it. It saved my life when I was stranded at DFW this year. I will definitely be buying the larger checked bag size eventually.

2. Quip Electric Toothbrush

I am a little neurotic about my hygiene and I am obsessed with using an electric toothbrush. They are usually so hard to travel with because of the huge charging stations. Quip has changed that. The brush is battery operated and so there is no need for the charger that takes up half your bathroom counter space. Plus, it's travel-friendly!

3. Luggage Scale

If you are checking a bag, look up the weight requirements before your trip. There is nothing worse than being the person frantically repacking their bag at check-in, or paying a ridiculous overweight fee. A scale like this one is so easy to use and cheap and saved me when traveling to Europe for 3 weeks with only a 35 lb bag allowed!

If you travel often and live in the US, it is totally worth getting TSA Pre-Check, which lets you cut the line at security and you don't have take off your shoes or take out electronics or liquids. The interview takes 5 minutes and it costs $85 for five years. 

5. Make a Packing List Ahead of Time
If you saw my Cabo list, you know that I am crazy when it comes to packing lists. I adore them. They're lifesavers to make sure you don't forget anything. I prefer to make my own but you can always find good ones online or like this pad of paper. Don't forget your list and you won't forget anything!

6. Get Tiny Liquids

I have travel-sized toiletries of everything I will need so that I can zip my suitcase up the night before. There is nothing better than being able to get up, get dressed, and grab my perfectly packed bag by the door with zero stress. The only thing I throw in my purse is my toothbrush - and simply because I am obsessed with my Quip. I just toss it in my makeup bag on my way out. You can even find travel size kits ready to go!

Hope these help you prepare for your next trip!


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