Festival Necessities

Festival season is upon us and if you're going to go, here's what you should bring to survive! Most of these festivals are super hot, super crowded, and you're going to be exhausted. These items will help you have fun and not be miserable!

1. Sunscreen!

I am obsessed with this little sunscreen kit from Coola. It all smells amazing and I brought it with me to Hawaii last year for a friend's wedding. We spent all day in the sun and I didn't burn at all! It's a have to have. You can also get this amazing little SPF setting spray to keep your makeup on point and it lets you reapply without smearing your makeup!

2. Reusable Water Bottle

This may be annoying to carry around, but unless you want to pay for water bottles all day, you can just fill up at a water fountain. Plus this bottle keeps the water cold for 24 hours! When you're outside in the heat, dancing, and drinking, you need to stay hydrated or you won't make it to Day 2.

3. Chic Backpack
Cactus Backpack-Green - JumpFromPaper

To carry your sunscreen and water bottle. I loooooove this cactus bag from Jump from Paper, although it is pricey it's so cute and lightweight. You can get a cheaper one if you must.

4. Fan

Am I genius? Buy one of these cheap little fans that people get at Disneyland and stay cool while you're hanging out waiting for your favorite band to come on.

5. Fanny Pack
If you're not down to carry a backpack the entire time (fine), get a cute fanny pack for the necessities, like your phone, money, and mini sunscreen.

6. Hat

Did I mention there is sun? Maybe it's because I am the palest person in the world, like a literal vampire, but all I can think about is how awful it is to go sit in the sun all day. Bring a decent hat that is also a ~fashion statement~.

7. Chic Towel to Lay On

If you're not going to actually get wet, you may want to bring a little towel to lie on so you aren't in the dirt all day. This one is super thin and not at all absorbant, but it folds tiny and is perfect to lie out on while you're day drinking.

8. Kimono

Bring something light to throw on to protect your skin if you feel like you're getting too much sun.

9. Portable Phone Charger

A necessity on most days but especially when you're out all day taking photos and especially if you're camping. This one is tiny and stays charged for ages.


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